​​" Blessed Be The Lord My Strength, Which Teacheth My Hands To War And My Fingers To Fight"

​ Fight Like a Redhead

     Our Mission

FLARH has an elderly services program that visits nursing homes where our volunteers,visit, play games, paint nails and read to residents of the homes we visit. Our goal is to let our elderly know that this world has not forgotten them and our members at Fight Like A Redhead value them greatly. Our goal is to expand into the communities we serve and bring our elderly services program into the homes of independently living seniors with the same goal in mind. Let our elderly know how treasured they truly are by all of us at FLARH. 

Fight Like A Redhead is agroup of ordinary people who have been called, by God, to provide extraordinary services. Our Ultimate goal is to be reflect Christ to the world in all we do. We are a small corporation that is completely volunteer. Not one person at Fight Like A Redhead receives payment for any duties carried out. Throughout the coming weeks, months and years ahead, we look forward to working with all of you in raising funds throughout various fundraising campaigns and events to achieve one simple mission, that we at Fight Like A Redhead can only do with your help. CHANGE THE WORLD! 

​Fight Like A Redhead envisions a world where no Parent, Spouse, Sibling or Child ever fights their battle alone again!

FLARH seeks to serve children by raising funds for research in the areas of Cancer, Developmental Disabilities and Mental illness as well as supporting organizations that provide safe housing for victimized children. FLARH is also developing a youth services program that will seek to offer mentoring via athletics, the arts, academic tutoring and more.