​​" Blessed Be The Lord My Strength, Which Teacheth My Hands To War And My Fingers To Fight"

​ Fight Like a Redhead


 Throughout each year FLARH will be holding special events in the community to raise money. These events will include athletics, arts and crafts, bake sales, fashion, the arts such as painting, dance and music and much, much more.

Our fundraising efforts will not only go toward our programs but we will raise funds for cancer, developmental disability, mental illness, and rescued victims of human trafficking and elder abuse.

​Our ultimate goal is to build a facility that can be a youth academic and recreation center. A seniors activities center, as well as a venue for our fundraisers. We want a place where our youths mind, bodies and souls can grow and be nurtured and our elderly can be safe and loved while enjoying the company of their peers.

We love our clients and welcome feedback and suggestions. Use our Make A Difference page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

C​hole Fish-President

JNichole Fish-President

        Tod Fish-Executive V.P

        Matt FIsh II-Executive VP

        Phyllis Hershey-VP         

        Cindy Highland-COO

        Heather Jolliff-Sec.

        Lisa Webb- Post It Super.

        John Lesher-B.O.D

        Jackie Morton-B.O.D

        Jim Highland-B.O.D

        Sarah Nickles







ill Myers-Executive VP
Mattchole FIs Fish Sr-COO/Executive Board Member
Cindy Highland-Executive Director/Executive Board M

Our Past Events:

OUR Board of Directors, officers and executive board members


FLARH volunteers will spend their time in nursing homes making friends with our elderly community who were not getting visitors before. This program will grow into a program for independently living seniors that need help with simple tasks around the home or just want company.

investing in the future

The Quad A Program is the key to FLARH's Circle Of Hope. The four A's of the Quad A program are Advocacy, Academics, Arts and Athletics. FLARH Kids will take part in fundraising and volunteer programs in their community as well as receiving academic tutoring, exposure to the arts they may not have access to in any other part of their lives as well as athletic teaching and competition. The goal of the Quad A program is to get kids out of the street, help them achieve their goals and get them excited about being a part of building a better community.

*Students 14 and over must agree to volunteer for our elderly services program and events to qualify for the full mentoring program. Academic tutoring is open to all Allen county kids 7-12 grade based on tutor availability.

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