​​" Blessed Be The Lord My Strength, Which Teacheth My Hands To War And My Fingers To Fight"

​ Fight Like a Redhead

Where does " Fight Like A     Redhead" come from?

We all have heard tales of redheads being soulless or having very fiery tempers. *Scientific research shows redheads are less prone to superficial pain and more prone to severe pain such as a toothache or broken bone. Redheads are more prone to illness, all the while requiring more anesthesia and pain medication to be sedated or have their pain relieved.

When redheads, such as our Co-founder and President Nichole Fish, are faced with severe injuries or serious diseases, such as cancer, it has been scientifically proven that it requires more fight. Redheads as a rule feel severe pain with more intensely than people with other hair colors. That being said, Nichole is a cancer survivor and has great love for every single person the world over fighting the fight against all the evil diseases of this world. We were founded to fight along side of the elderly, children, the sick and the unfortunate. Our desire is to encourage everyone who is in the fight of their life to Fight Like A Redhead!  

*Center for Sensory-Motor interaction at Aalborg University.

* Journal For American Dentistry Association

Our Founder, Nichole Fish